42 Things That Fascinate My Black Ass

I hated high school.
Ok. I didn’t hate it but much like today, I wasn’t convinced that I had to be somewhere 8 consecutive hours to “work”.
There was one exception to this theory of education though and it always began with a teacher saying, “Choose a topic, any topic…”

Whenever this opportunity arose my mind would do a proverbial Birdman hand rub.

You see. I have a degree in infinite curiosity. Actually, it’s in journalism but, some would argue it’s the same thing. I’ll spare you a thesis on how this never-ending spirit of inquiry helps me to treasure the little bitty things in life.

But just know-

If a middle social studies teacher with crooked, tortoise-shelled bifocals asked, I’d be ready because I keep a running list of things that fascinate my black ass.

1. Wildflowers
2. Afrolatinos
3. Professional Hackers
4. Rappers That Don’t Write Shit Down
5. Butches with Kids
6. Lil Dicky the Rapper
7. Mother-Daughter Relationships
8. Short Guys That Are Swell in Basketball
9. Vogue Dancing
10. Andre Leon Talley
11. New Deal > Works Progress Administration > Federal Arts Project > Zora Neale Hurston
12. People That Live in the Middle of Nowhere
13. Fucking Bridges
14. Kitchen Islands
15. New Orleans
16. White Kids at Rap Concerts That Know All the Words
17. Chinese Jamaicans
18. People That Vanish Without a Trace
19. Niggas from Detroit
20. Freestyle Rap
21. Comedians & Depression
22. Self Taught Hood Gymnasts
23. Tourettes
23. Kate Hudson x Goldie Hawn
25. Goldie Hawn x Kurt Russell
26. The Trickster in Slave Folklore
27. Malice from Clipse
28. Church Elders
29. Abandoned Houses
30. Scenic Views on Road trips, Particularly Ones with Sporadic Farm Animal Sightings
31. Farms
32. Soldier Bowe Bergdahl
33. When It Rains on One Side of the Street & Not the Other
34. Having to Pick Cotton on Your Period
35. Any & Every Recluse That Ever Lived
36. Country Ass Underdeveloped American Towns
37. Dead Stock Sneaker Collections
38. Kim Kardashians Blackberry
39. The Contents of An Unpaid Storage; Specifically the One Belonging to My Mom in 1992
40. Fingers & Toes of Kids Ages 0-3 yrs
41. The Mind of an Artist
42. Niggas That Frequently Change Their Number


    1. Destiny

      Fascinated by the island vibe New Orleans gives off. The pace is slow but fast enough to keep you aroused. The culture, the folklore, the accents — all rich and vibrant with history. New Orleans is it’s own world and I’m enthralled by how close in proximity that I am to that world.

  1. Autumn Cote

    Would you be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our commu5nity and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.


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