On the day Destiny’ was born, her mom said she knew two things,

“I knew her hair probably wouldn’t grow much, especially around the edges and I knew that being reminded of her destiny on a daily basis, would be both grueling and rewarding.”

She was right. Her destiny is all Destiny ever thinks about.

So  after a quizzical-quarter-life-crisis, she started this blog as a way to make sense of herself and the world around her one essay at a time. In doing so, she realized she had a knack for wiity, introspective storytelling that prompted others to consider their personal destiny.

Eventually Destiny forgave her mother for not naming her Olive, (a food  she enjoys very much) and solidified her status as the Sultan-of-Self-Discovery by opening a custom t-shirt shop in the same vein, called Yo Destiny Make Me a Shirt.

Today, she resides on the Westside of Atlanta, with her two beautiful daughters  Pássame Theremote and Brángme Sumwater.