Success to Me Is…

Success to me is being supernaturally kind to strangers.

Success is seeing my name in print.

Success to me is being sent on assignment.

Success to me is maintaining my physique.

Success to me is having a stable-n-steady stream of paid creative work.

Success to me is defining my personal style.

Success to me is being seen as an artist.

Success to me is writing a book.

Success is moving through fear, rejection, judgement, and anxiety without giving up.

Success for me is daily productivity towards specific goals.

Success to me is being able to pick up and drop off my kids at school.

Success to me is belonging to a team of writers.

Success for me is feeling so good on the inside that folks notice on the outside.

Success to me is autonomous.

Success to me is sufficient time alone.

Success to me is being able to order what I want off the menu.

Success to me is a clean, organized home with quirk.

Success to me is buying what I desire, not curving my tastes and appetite to buy what I can afford.

Success to me is the feeling I get after dancing to my favorite song.

Success to me to mastering the art of being present.

Success to me is finding the right words.

Success to me is making my daughters “comfy”.

Success for me is making people laugh.

Success for me is being able to write how I talk.

Success for me is having the reader read as if I am having a conversation with them.

Success for me is being recognized and appreciated for things that often go unnoticed.

Success is having a creative studio from which to work.
Success for me is regular travel and exploration.

Success is exposing my kids to new eye-opening experiences that promote lifelong growth.

Success for me is showing my grandmother I can do it on my own; my own way.

Success for me is providing my children with a spacious, stable, harmonious home with stairs.

Success for me is being self aware.

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