The B.A.R.

My birthday is a week away and I’m taking myself on a Birthday Artist Retreat.

Or as it’s affectionately known in the very organized note section of my phone, “The B.A.R.” 

I start planning this getaway in my head 6 months ago; envisioning how I would relax and rejuvenate and ultimately come back different. 

That was the ultimate goal – to go away and come back different – with the seedlings of a profitable idea or an experience that would help one-day breed one.  

Whew. I’m intentional than a mothaphucka ain’t I? Like who creates whole-ass-mantras for their vacations?

I do. But despite its precision, another detail to this ‘destination shedding’ was to, for one week stay somewhere that I could explore with no set itinerary, just things in mind that I wanted to do. 

So in November, I start asking around. Ya know, life-changing questions that you’d expect from a serious woman in’er late 30’s – stuff like, “Where can I get some mushrooms?”

In December, I wanted to know “Where I could hike and get some mushrooms”.

In January I was like, “OK. So where can I hike, get some mushrooms while also taking in some good scenery; nice views and nature ya know?”

Round Valentines Day I saw all yall gettin’ massages and wuh like, “OK Spa me den” and added that to the list.

By March I was going on a “Mushroom fueled, hiking trip featuring clean food, yoga, surfing, mud baths, skinny dipping, with intuitive reading and/or tea leaves nearby”

Tuh. I know Google is sick ? of ? me.

But that’s what I do, I’m a deliberate creator.  

Just like all day, IRL, I’m collecting images & ideas & places & experiences that I want for myself.

These images make me feel good and if I happen to gather one that doesn’t, “Yuck” (Gags) I spit it out. I know it doesn’t belong in my vortex.

I know it is the wrong direction to ‘my destiny’. 

So I built a retreat around a whole bunch of good feelings. And for 5 days I’m free to go wherever those good feelings take me. Like a scavenger hunt for my soul – where my only objective is to return with some bars.  

And I know I said no itinerary, but I wrote a B.A.R Checklist. which I’ll post here next week before departing so that you can follow along – and join me on my trip.

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