The New Young Adult

*This short story is part of a series called #shirtsandstories where the art of shirt making is woven together with art of storytelling.


Am I the only one that feels like I’m growing up in slow motion?

Like my parents were more adult than me at this age? I’m not complaining. I love my youthful spirit and Peter Pan-ish tendencies, but I wonder what’s happening.

Why I have no desire to give into corporate America, buy a big house, wear flesh colored pantyhose and fade into the background.

Will it happen soon? Is there a physical shift where I all of a sudden start beboppin’ to jazz and two-steppin to Al Jarreau?

I’m starting to think it ain’t happenin’. I’m starting to think that this new crop of #thirtysomethings also known as, the #oldermillennials are the new definition of ‘young adult’.

Like people born in the mid to late 80’s have collectively realized that real growth happens within and not to say that moms’nem didn’t, but I think being part of the rat race was success to them and getting out of the rat race is success to us.

This shirt is dedicated to the last generation to grow up without the internet. The last generation to play outside all day without supervision. And thee last generation to know what life’s like with a cell phone and without.  

You gotta admit – us “adults” have had the best of both worlds.


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