Thuddy Thangs You Ain’t Know Bout Me

Here we go.

  1. My favorite words are ‘perhaps’ and ‘baldheaded’
  2. I own about 350 books. I’ve read like 12
  3. I had one kid at 20, the other at 30. Recently googled, “Celebs who had kids at 40” and decided, “Yeah. I’m in”.
  4. The name Destiny is the only thing my mother and grandmother have ever agreed on.
  5. To this day, my grandmother contests I’m the oldest Destiny in the world.
  6. I love the way my body goes in at the waist and comes out at the hips then cups where my ass meets my thigh. (Shakes head in appreciation). Shit bad.
  7. I am ambitiously lazy, meaning I spend quite a bit of time envisioning the life I want for myself but if I have to put pants on to achieve’em, they make take a while.
  8. I think bookmarks, deep breaths, and the freedom to be yourself in relationships is underrated.
  9. I’m an introvert but if I enjoy your company, you’ll hardly notice.
  10. William Shakespeare and I share a birthday. William Shakespeare died on his birthday.
  11.  fit in everywhere, but also nowhere.
  12. I love three six mafia and the yeah yeah yeah’s equally.
  13. The way to my heart is thru an aux cord, make a right at my funny bone, then hook a sharp left to my stomach and den come home and “beat them guts”.
  14. I just cackled.
  15. I hate my oldest daughter’s laugh and can regularly be found telling her to “Hush!” when she’s filled with glee.
  16. I love me some Caucasian praise & worship music.
  17. Being stabbed from behind, a home invasion where someone forces my whole family to climb in a hot oven at gunpoint, being broke forever, a fatal car accident and dying without fulfilling my destiny are my top 5 fears.
  18. The way I know songs from the 50’s word for word, make me wonder about my past life.
  19. I’ve attended 3 colleges; one of them twice.
  20. Peanut butter flavored anything is dumb and yall should be ashamed. Yall meaning girl scouts and overall nasty citizens of the world.
  21. Rain both soothes and excites me. Floating in water with my eyes closed and/or fixed to the sky for uninterrupted periods of time is kind of my thing. I’d like to hike more often. Pink skies are mesmerizing. And the moon makes me marvel. But if I have to be cold to experience either one of these, no thank you. This is my relationship with nature. Bye.
  22. My top three favorite foods are soup, salad, and olives.
  23. Most people get up in the middle of the night and get a sip of water, I get a handfulla kalamatas. As a result, I’d advise you never to eat olives at my house. They nasty.
  24. My grandaddy says, “I ain’t neva seen nobody luh soup like you. You’ll eat hot watah if they let you”. And to that, I say, ‘I don’t know who ‘they’ is, but gimme a spoon”.
  25. My knowledge of pop culture is mighty and far-reaching. Do you wanna talk about Dave Mattews, Dave Chapelle, David Ruffin, Carradine? Larry David? Michaelangelo’s David?
  26. My social media stamina sucks.
  27. Growing up my mom was a journalist, a librarian, a traveling storyteller, and a bookstore worker. I am who I am because I went to work with my mom…a lot.
  28. I lose weight when pregnant because my morning sickness is so severe.
  29. My best ideas come when I’m doing nothing and baby I like to keep the ideas coming.
  30. Self-discovery is my shit. I love learning about why I am the way I am and I love encouraging others to get to know themselves as I believe self-awareness is the key to uncovering yo destiny.


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