Why You Need To Write This Book Ma’am

Yo! Book writin’ ain’t no hoe. Would not recommend. 1 star.  Very ghetto.  

I have yet to “fall in love with the process” you artists rant and rave about, but ok, go off Botticelli. 

Here’s where I am in the process though. 

I came up with some themes that I see over and over in my drafts – they are humor, nostalgia, storytelling, and self-discovery. That’s it. That’s me in a nutshell.

But there’s another theme presented in the book and that’s personal development, a cause I champion.

I have for the last few years, not only sought out creative ways to make myself happy but maximize my potential. 

Now I wanna share the funny, insightful, stories that’ve helped me get there with an audience. Easy enough, right? Fuck no.

Apparently, all that belief in yourself magically disappears when embarking upon something new. Somehow you forget why this is important. 

So in an attempt to quiet this recurring problem, I wrote all the reasons “Why You Need to Write This Book Ma’am”.

5 stars. Very insightful. Would recommend to writers, creatives, or anyone embarking upon something new.  


I Don’t Know What Else To Do 

I tried to make this one better. I told myself, “Self. This is not a good opener for a persuasive paper on why you should write a book. Got anything deeper, more poignant, provocative, something to get the people going?” And to myself, I said back,  “Shut TF up. You know good-and-got-damn well this is the best we got”

Writing Just Feels Right

It’s cool to clarify your thoughts and if you’re lucky, you find a nice way to say it. If you’re even luckier, then people relate, or laugh, or get mad. (Try to avoid the latter. I am a highly functioning, card-carrying hsp who will retreat at the sight of chaos). Bye. 

I Wanna See What a Volume of Me Looks Like

If you’ve ever wondered “Who am I?” then writing a book about you is for you. What better way to truly see yourself than to assemble a written record of who you loved, foods you hated, and that one time your wig fell off in the club.

Toni Morrison Said…

If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.

I Need Some Money 

Did you click on the hyperlink? You have to click on the hyperlink and say “I need some muh-nee” just like Summer Walker and her ex bess fren @ohwowjaniyah. First of all. Dats my song. My anthem. It gets me goin. And while money is not the sole purpose in writing this book I’m happy to have a talent that can make me “some muh-nee” …repeatedly.

You Dun Tol Everybody and They Momma, “i’M wRiTiNg A bOoK”

Nothing works like the accountability of an audience and by nothing I mean, having people you don’t know personally cheer you on when you have no idea wtf you’re doing is some scary shit that should be left up to professional stuntmen. Because a public announcement of a personal goal will have you out here looking like this gif

Yet here I am. Once again. Sharing all the reasons why I must share more. 


Are you trudging through an unrewarding process? Write a list of 5 reasons why you need to see it to the end.  These are your motivating factors and can help see you through when you can’t see shit. 

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