Yo Destiny How Does Your Garden Grow?

I can’t tell if these last few years are going by fast or slow. Like. there’s no real clear line where one started and the other began. Everything’s just big one big blur.

So in my head, I skipped 2022 and I’m already out here declaring, “2023 is my year, yall!”

Granted, 23 is and has always been my favorite number so naturally, I gravitate to it. 

But also because I’ve been planting seeds in the direction of my desires since 2018. 

Some crops have bloomed, others have stagnated, a few have been strangled by weeds or got brown spots on the leaves before they could grow but the rest? The rest are still sprouting.  

Look around. Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ve got some storytelling seeds to the left, some positive psychology seeds to the right, and oh, look over there! I’m planting a “perennial” podcast. My book is blooming and I can finally see some stems sprouting from the money tree I started sowing last year. 

This garden is going to be dee-vine!

But as most gardeners know, “It’s in the tending that we learn patience”. 

They know that to build a successful garden they must first plant and water and mulch and weed and watch and wait.

They understand that they must plan and prepare the earth well before they reap the long-term benefits; the longer they wait, the better. their garden grows

So I say this as I seed…

My soil is rich. My mind is a fertile ground for good thoughts. I only plant positivity – plucking poisonous weeds out as fast as they appear. The more I love myself and the more I share my fruits, the better my garden grows.

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